NET-PwrCtrl HUT 2-C
  • 8 - (16 with NET-PwrCtrl HUT EX) via network / web browser controlled relays. Worldwide control.
  • Separable screw connectors
  • RJ45 socket for sensor.
  • No software (except web browser) necessary to control or adjust.
  • Can be used by any operating system (with a web browser).
  • HTML of the pages can be changed and loaded.
  • Automatic IP allocation: DHCP.
  • Start time (ready for operation) 3 seconds.
  • 8 - inputs or outputs - freely configurable with edge detection and toggle.
  • io

  • Automatic time setting from an SNTP server.
  • zeit

  • Call via hostname = http://net-control or IP.
  • Name/Position/Function with max. 35 characters.
  • Free choice of the HTTP port (0-65535), thus several devices can be accessed from the Internet.
  • 'HoldOn' Button: Relay or IO is activated as long as the key is held down. Two relays or IO's can thus be used for +/- control (e.g., dimmers).
  • 4 timers + 1 random timer +1 solar timer per socket with TimeLine display.
  • Exceptions (day / month). On selected days, all timers are skipped.
  • E-Mail function.
  • Plain text backup system. Settings can be changed and loaded.
  • Keepalive function: A network device can be pinged and - should it not respond - be disconnected
    from the power supply for an adjustable time.
  • ka

  • Automatic and time-delayed (0-18.2h) switching on of the sockets after the start (power failure).
  • Switching can also be performed as pulse (0-65535 sec.).
  • Switching distance of the relays with simultaneous switching can be determined ((0-255) milliseconds).

  • Wake on LAN
  • wol

  • Sockets can be locked individually.
  • User system with rights.
  • user
  • Logbook of the last 128 events. Power failures are registered (remains without voltage).
  • UDP & URL interface for integration into own software.
  • LabView Virtual Instrument for UDP interface.
  • Multi NET-PwrCtrl Controls all devices on the network (also as C# source code).
  • Firmware upgrade via Ethernet possible at any time (Ethernet Bootloader).
  • Sturdy DIN rail housing.
  • Housing with the UL94V0 certificate.
Characteristics: HUT2C-LV (Low Voltage) HUT2C-HV (High Voltage)
Relay 8 8
I/O 8 8
Rated voltage 8-30V~/10-40V- 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1,6 W 3,0 W
Max. Load
each relay

16A/250VAC (resistive load)
TÜV R50126372: 16A/250VAC, 16A/14V
UL&CUR E160644: 16A/250VAC
CQC 08001023387: 16A/250VAC

Max. Switching voltage: 30VDC 277VAC

Plug WR-TBL Serie 351 Connection cross sections
  Solid 24-12 AWG
  Stranded (flexible) 24-12 AWG
Ratings VDE 300VAC 20A
Withstanding voltage 2,5 kV (1,6 kV cULus)
Header WR-TBL Serie 312  
Ratings VDE 300VAC 20A
Withstanding voltage 2,5 kV (1,6 kV cULus)
LAN - Cable 2 m
LAN-Port 10 Base-T,10 MBit/s
Dimensions L 106 B 90 H 58 mm (without plugs)
6 Fuses wide
35mm DIN rail
Temperature range -20°C...+60°C
Humidity 10 ... 90% not condensed
Delivery: NET-PwrCtrl HUT2C, Ethernet-Cable.
Manual as PDF pdf
Firmware 6.5
Firmware 7.0
Beschrijving FW6.0 (NL)
Leaflet  pdf
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