NET-PwrCtrl ZX

What's new in the ZX?

1. Zero crossing switch

In order to minimize the load on the relay contacts and thereby on the connected device, the processor calculates a delay based on the determined switch-on and switch-off times, which corresponds to the zero crossing of the mains voltage.

   It is de-energised, i.e. without load for the contacts of relay and the energy receiver.

What is the advantage of electromechanical relays:

  • Minimal heat generation, independent of load.
  • Double, genuine galvanic isolation: switching contacts and from driver.
  • Robust against current and voltage changes / interference.

The disadvantage that the contacts wear out or 'stick' due to the high inrush current is prevented by zero-crossing switching.

Zero Switch

Zero Switch

2. Detection of which line (L/N) is switched.

Sensor between the contact of the relay and the ground line detects the phase.

3. Recognize that a relay has actually switched.

Sensor, connected to the contacts of the relay, measures the output voltage.

Zero Switch

In the Power and Power 19" version, different supply systems can be connected for both sides
(relays 1-4 and 5-8): e.g. 1-4 120VAC 60 Hz and 5-8 230VAC 50 Hz.

Otherwise, everyone rates the features of the ADV version.

Specifications: ZX ZX - POWER ZX - POWER 19"
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Sockets (controllable): 8 (8) 8 (8) 8 (8)
Nominal voltage 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 3,6 W 3,6 W 3,6 W
Max. Load
All total max. at ~230V: 2300 VA 4600 VA 4600 VA
Each relay: 2300 VA 2300 VA 2300 VA
All total max. at ~120V: 1200 VA 2400 VA 2400 VA
Each relay: 1200 VA 1200 VA 1200 VA
LAN cable 2 m 2 m 2 m
Power cable 1,9 m 1,9 m 1,9 m
LAN interface 10 Base-T,10 MBit/s 10 Base-T,10 MBit/s 10 Base-T,10 MBit/s
Dimensions L350 B120 H76mm L350 B120 H76mm L480 B120 H76mm
2 HE
Temperature range -20°C...+60°C -20°C...+60°C -20°C...+60°C
Humidity 10 ... 90% not condensed 10 ... 90% not condensed 10 ... 90% not condensed
Delivery: Power strip, power cord, ethernet cable.
Documents pdf
Firmware 7.2