Small installation - FAQ

Before installing the device, please read carefully the enclosed and / or instruction manual.

Q: Which IP does the NET-PwrCtrl have?
A: NET-PwrCtrl Discoverer - Find all NET PwrCtrl on the network and list them. For non Windows PC's, please check the router DHCP table.

Q: After starting NET-Loader.exe the firmware is not loaded.
- Firewall and virus scanner can block the communication.
- NET-PwrCtrl and PC must be physically in the same network.
- Do not connect directly to the PC.
- Not over Wi-Fi.
- IP of the device is unimportant.
- Multicast to must not be blocked.
- VirtualBox Host-only Ethernet Adapter can interfere. Please check whether the IP in the NET-PwrCtrl Discoverer.exe (Your IP) belongs to the network of the router. If necessary, switch off the adapter.

Q: The new firmware für ADV, IO & HUT does not show the changes.
A: Do not forget to upload HTML (Setting / Lan / Upload HTML).

Q: After the power failure, NET-PwrCtrl can not be reached.
A: The routers are usually equipped with Linux and need 30-90 seconds for the boot process (start). NET-PwrCtrl is operational after 3 seconds. Therefore, IP allocation (DHCP) can not take place immediately. It takes place automatically after 6 minutes or when NET-PwrCtrl is restarted. After the router has finished booting, press shortly the Reset button on the NET-PwrCtrl (only briefly and once). Please do not test all reset options. NET-PwrCtrl restarts and sets new IP. It is recommended to wait 6 minutes.


Installation Guide - NET-PwrCtrl.pdf

Manual for all types + firmware version 6.5 (current).

NET-PwrCtrl Discoverer.exe - searches all NET-PwrCtrl on the network.

"Multi NET-PwrCtrl" - PC Program.

LabView Virtual Instrument for UDP-Protocol.

C# UDP Projekt.

 Device defect?

Should (which we don't hope) the device be defect (the power LED does not blink every second), it must be sent to us.

An RMA number is not necessary for us. An e-mail with the return address would help us a lot.

Please make sure that the device is actually defective and not there are adjustment problems. An additional look in the manual or a telephone call (E-Mail) could solve the problem.
Our defect rate is below 1 ‰.


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