BETA - Tester - Programm

Welcome to the beta testing program. We would like to give - everyone interested - the opportunity to take part in the firmware development.

Please report ideas, suggestions, errors, problems to Please do not hesitate. We take every suggestion seriously.

Thanks for the support.


FW 7.1.1 Beta

  • 2020-12-14 - HTML + FW (small) adjustment

What's new:

All sensor parameters (temperature, humidity and brightness) expanded from one switching option to five. Because the ADV & IO versions do not support sensors, nothing changes for the varieties.

FW 7.1.2 Beta

  • 2021-09-02

What's new:

Own (encrypted) login system with session management for up to 3 users.
It can be logged out manually or automatically with the session administration.
A secure connection from the internet was the main goal (if VPN setup should not be possible).

Browser cache behavior adjusted. Page loads faster.


In this section we offer software that has been tested, but not error-free.